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1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation

The history and unification of 3 all-volunteer groups!


 On October 28, 1965 the Mayor of St. Louis, A.J. Cervantes, hosted a ceremony to simultaneously announce three milestones in St. Louis’ history. First, he proclaimed that the construction of the outside stainless steel shell of the St. Louis Arch was complete. Second, he declared that the St. Louis Region was now officially ordained as the ‘Gateway to the West’ And third, the Mayor launched the Saint Louis Ambassadors as an all-volunteer organization comprised of diverse individuals who were civic leaders that would promote volunteerism, community pride and goodwill on behalf of the City of St. Louis.

 The Saint Louis Ambassadors then sponsored the initial debut of the U.S. Small Business Institute on November 5, 1985 in a campaign effort to Help Keep the SBA Alive.’ Our mission is ‘to give continued support to small businesses and charities with consulting, coaching and mentoring…at no charge.’

 The Saint Louis Ambassadors also ignited the launch of the 1904 World’s Fair Charitable Foundation on March 14, 2002. It’s original goal was to host celebratory events throughout 2004 in Forest Park with grass roots support from a diverse group of volunteers in order to celebrate the ‘100 Year Anniversary’ of the 1904 World’s Fair & III Olympics, which was a complete success. On January 1, 2005 our new mission became ‘to have our 501 (c)(3) all-volunteer public charity help plan events to support the Forest Park ‘beautification program,’ the St. Louis Zoo ‘special projects’ and other local charities.’

 Effective 2015 the Saint Louis Ambassadors mission statement will be ‘to continue as an all-volunteer group of diverse individuals, move forward as a symbolic group of civic leaders and promote volunteerism, community pride and goodwill throughout the entire St. Louis Region, which is the 19th largest economic engine in the U.S. with 2.8M residents and 193K businesses that support over 10K charities.’

 On January 3, 2015 at our Saint Louis Ambassadors ’50 Year Golden Gala’ we saluted St. Louis Mayor, A.J. Cervantes, as our founder in 1965. Also, we formed a partnering effort with our two related organizations, which are the U.S. Small Business Institute and the 1904 World’s Fair Charitable Foundation. The groups collectively have 1,249 volunteers that will support three projects together. First, they will work with the Ferguson Commission on their plan to ease racial tensions and promote the St. Louis Region as a great place to live, be educated and conduct business. Next, the groups will operate their new Saint Louis Sun, The Trinity Tribune & St. Louis Globe-Democrat online newspapers and post ‘fresh news twice daily’ to 967K e-contacts. Plus, the organizations will establish a new internet radio station named Ferguson USA ‘Hot Talk’ Radio and all four entities will have a satellite office in Ferguson. Finally, they will co-host events to celebrate the ‘50th Anniversary’ of the St. Louis Arch and the Saint Louis Ambassadors...both born on October 28, 1965!

Cicardi A. Bruce                                                                                     Richard T. Pisani

Chairman                                                                                                                                                            President

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